Let’s go exploring – baby bird edition

I live in an “established” neighborhood – it’s been around for 30+ years, so the homes are are settled in and the trees are nice and mature. We don’t live far from my kids’ school, so we walk every day, and every day we take a path as a short cut.

For a few days, I noticed birds going crazy every time we walked up the path. The same two birds, a cardinal then a robin. Finally, it dawned upon me, they must be nesting. So, the next day, I walked slowly behind my kids as they ran up the path, and took note where the birds were flying from. And sure enough, on top of the City’s chain-link fence that borders the path, I found two nests within six feet of each other.

I was careful in approaching the nests at all times, careful not to touch them or disturb them, and I made sure not to spend too much time browsing to keep the mother birds calm.

Below are the robin’s eggs:


… and the cardinal’s eggs. I didn’t know what cardinal eggs looked like. They were about the same size as the robin’s eggs, just a light shade of blue with brown splotches/dots.


Within a very short time (less than a week after my initial discovery) the eggs began to hatch. The cardinal’s eggs hatched first, one day they were eggs, a few days later they were babies:


The robin’s eggs came a couple days later. I actually caught them in the process of hatching. In the morning one baby had emerged and by the end of the day all the eggs had hatched:


A few short days later, the baby robins were already getting plump and feathery. At this point, the cardinal’s had already left!


Here is a video of the robins sleeping:

…and here is a video of a very hungry baby cardinal:

It goes to show you that there are things to explore all over, including under your nose! Just remember to keep your eyes open, and to think critically once in a while!

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