Sticks and Stones

Ever have one of those ideas that worked out better in your head than it did in reality? I had one of those for a kids’ activity. Pinterest inspired me to try painting some river rocks. Find some rocks, spray paint them white, give kids some inspiration, and go! Here are the rocks, pre-painted white:


Paint could be spooned out in small quantities…


…onto a paper plate. Kids would then use as a pallet, with toothpicks to paint with (hence the “sticks and stones” theme).


And the results:








Painting with toothpicks definitely limited the creative abilities of the kids. With such a small surface area to hold paint, transferring it from the pallet to the rock became tedious, and I think it became more fun to spread it around once it got there. I had visions of mandala-like images, maybe even monsters or cartoonish faces.

But hey, there is always next time. I’ll make it better.

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