Got to love it when a plan comes together

On time and under budget to boot! Work tasked me with making five prize wheels. I estimated it’d cost $50 to do and got the go-ahead. Approximately it cost me:

  • $10 for the mdf to make the wheels
  • $6 for the dowel for the clicker
  • $10 for the hardware
  • $10 for the wood for the stands
  • Free! for the clicker (just a strip of plastic cut from a lettuce box)

Total approximately $36. Not too shabby. Cost doesn’t include the white paint I used on the wheels or the smidgen of hot glue I used to hold the clicker in place.


Spent some time at Kwartzlab┬ádesigning and cutting the wheels with the laser cutter (made putting the dowels in a breeze) and I used my Kreg jig (one of the few tool kits I find really useful) to screw together the wood stands. And best of all, they all make a very satisfying clicking sound when spun. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the video below:

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