My own CNC mill – Shapeoko construction so far


I consider myself a Maker, and have been looking to expand the tool set that I have available to create projects at home. One of my main focuses was to put together a small CNC mill. Ideally, a mill good enough for small wood/hardboard projects that I could also re-purpose as a circuit mill. The Shapeoko seemed to fit that bill.


A little while ago I purchased the Shapeoko mechanical kit. I eagerly tore it open, impressed with the packaging it was shipped in. I spent a few evenings meticulously assembling it, and soon got distracted by other projects around the house. The past few evenings, I have felt a strong push to finish the project.


The instructions are admittedly a little vague, but not too bad if you are comfortable making some assumptions. This is a credit to the design of the Shapeoko: it is designed well enough that it is hard to screw up the assembly. Tapping the few holes that needed to be tapped was probably the least enjoyable part of the experience so far. It became a little tiresome as it relied upon more endurance in my forearm muscles than what I already have.


Overall, assembly is relatively quick and straightforward. I am curious as to how it will operate once complete. The kit itself isn’t designed with any sort of end stop sensors, so I bet there is a lot of focus on proper set up and hope that the project won’t overrun the physical limits of the mill. I am hoping it’ll be fully operational with a few test runs under it’s belt by the end of the weekend.


Then, on to my Prusa.

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