2013 Waterloo Staff Conference

I spoke at the 2013 Waterloo Staff Conference, April 9 and 10, 2013. My session was titled “Hack The World Part III: Welcome to the Maker Movement”. Content from and Part II (2012 Staff Conference) and Part I (2011 Staff Conference) is also available.

My presentation is also available. Feel free to download and modify and reuse it if you like.

Recipe for soap bubbles

  • 6 parts water (distilled is best, soft water second, hard water the worst)
  • 2 parts dish soap (dawn and joy brands seem to work the best)
  • 1 part corn syrup

Put all of the ingredients together in a large container and mix gently. The corn syrup will come out of the solution if it sits still long enough, so it will need to be mixed once in a while.

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