Another long weekend, another weekend challenge

This long weekend, the project I’ve decided to try to accomplish is to cut and assemble an Iron Man helmet using the Pepakura technique.

Many of the more “professional” quality costumes you see at conventions are made using this technique. Basically, someone has modeled a costume using some modelling software (maybe something like Sketchup), and exported it to a program called Pepakura Designer. The Pepakura Designer software turns the 3-D model into a series of printouts broken up into pieces with cutting and folding instructions you use to cut and fold and glue the paper printouts into the 3-D object that was modeled.

Once the 3-D model is assembled, it is resined, fiberglassed, bond-o’ed, painted, and buffed into a solid, wearable, movie-quality prop.

This weekend I want to cut and assemble an Iron Man helmet. It’ll take plenty of time, I am sure, but, I’ve never done the fiberglassing thing before, so I need something to start with, and an Iron Man helmet would be a pretty damn cool thing to put together. I’ll probably fiberglass the weekend after, as it is an intense, and messy, process.

One thought on “Another long weekend, another weekend challenge

  • August 3, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    I work with this person who does a bunch of iron man replica work. If you want me to put you in contact let me know.


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